Virtual Everything – Making An Impact With Custom Kits

Covid-19 has affected the way that we navigate our lives. 

You have probably noticed that conferences, conventions, concerts, and other live events have gone virtual. The challenge with virtual events is maintaining the same level of engagement, including the ability to make a meaningful impact. 

How can you, and your sponsors, reach the attendees when the “hands-on” aspect has been stripped away?

One solution is an event kit.

Bring the event to your attendees with a custom printed box, or bag.

Fill the kit with customized products and print material, aka swag or promotional products. From printed apparel to mugs to tumblers to journals, the possibilities are endless!

Include interactive items that will enable the attendee to engage from their own home or office. 

Ensure that the kit is delivered to attendees prior to the event.

Most events are designed with a theme in mind

Use this to your advantage!
For instance, if the theme is “Vision”, build a kit around that idea.

Include sunglasses and a flashlight that can project an image. You can even include a ViewMaster with customized images. Remember those?
The possibilities are endless!

How can PSI help?

We specialize in bespoke packaging, kitting, and custom product solutions. Our staff has years of experience and are ready to lend their expertise to help make your virtual event a huge success!

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