Excelsior and PSI Partner to Offer More 3PL Locations

Excelsior Integrated, with operations and facilities located in Lee, Massachusetts and Fresno, California, has formed a 4PL network partnership with PSI of Atlanta,  Georgia to deliver innovative fulfillment solutions to businesses nationwide and globally.

These two leading Third Party Logistics companies (3PL) have integrated to leverage their respective expertise, technology, strategic locations, and mutual customer-centric approaches, offering new game changing logistics opportunities for them and their clientele.

A primary driver for this strategic relationship is to provide e-commerce businesses with seamless access to three major warehouse and fulfillment centers in the West, Southeast and Northeast of the USA. This will result in their customers’ reduced shipping costs and faster transit times with most destinations accessible within 1 to 3 days.

David Crane, President and CEO of Excelsior Integrated, stated that “We are very excited to work with the PSI team to integrate and offer our customers additional service and more potential locations for growth.  Customers will continue to have one point of contact, with easy access to all information on our popular Excelsior Customer Portal”. 

David Abrahamson, President of PSI, added that “Our fast- growing e-commerce businesses no longer need to sacrifice world class customer service and transparent, fair, competitive pricing to work with a 3PL that has the vast reach and resources to minimize shipping and transit costs.”

For prospective and current customers, this collaboration between Excelsior Integrated and PSI will provide enhanced market reach, high scalability of multiple strategic storage and shipment locations,  enhanced customer service and overall cost savings. In addition to the strategic alignment of fulfillment locations, the partnership is underpinned by shared values, culture, and a commitment to excellence. Both companies are renowned for their customer-centric approach, transparency, and commitment to delivering exceptional service. This cultural synergy ensures a seamless integration of operations and a cohesive customer experience across all touchpoints.

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