Why USB Drives Are Still Relevant

USB drives are known by various names including…flash drives, thumb drives, jump drives, etc. No matter what you call it, the USB drive has become a popular means of storage due to its portability, versatility, compatibility, and convenience. 

A brief history…

Believe it or not, USB drives have been on the market for almost 20 years. Unlike a regular hard drive, a USB drive uses an SSD (Solid State Drive) for storage. The use of an SSD means that the drive has no moving parts. This allows the user to store data onto a much more portable device. 

Before the invention of the USB drive, it was very difficult to transfer files between computers. Other options such as external hard drives, Zip drives, and CDs were often cost-prohibitive. And sometimes a computer was not compatible with these options. The USB drive offered a standardized, compact, and portable format that was intuitive to users. 


The USB industry has morphed beyond just providing a convenient means of storage.

One of the biggest trends with USB drives has been custom shapes. PSI has the capability to make a USB drive into any 3-dimensional shape that you can imagine.

Even stock USB drives are available in a myriad of capacities, styles, and colors. During the manufacturing process, drives are printed with your logo and loaded with your data (video, audio, pdf files, etc.).

Here are a few of the countless ways that a USB drive can be utilized…

All of this has cemented USB drives as a go-to tool, even in today’s digital world. 

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