The Challenges of Self-Fulfillment

FACT: 75% of shopping carts are abandoned before a purchase is made.

FACT: 55% of those abandoned carts are due to high shipping cost, taxes, and additional fees.

FACT: 16% of carts are abandoned due to slow ship methods.

The following graphic illustrates these statistics, along with others that you may find interesting…

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As you can see, there are many variables that could affect the success of your site. 

If you are running your own e-commerce business and handling the shipments yourself, there are many aspects that you need to consider: 

Shipping Rates

How do high shipping costs affect your customer’s willingness to purchase from your site? 

Do you risk losing your customer to a competitor who offers lower rates?
If so, what can you do about it?

Impact of Order Fulfillment Processes and Transit Time

How quickly can you ship the order?

In the age of Amazon, customers expect their orders to ship within 24 hours.

Are you setup for this fast turnaround?

Do you have days when you are too busy to get the shipments out the door? 

When does it need to be there? 

If your customer is in a hurry, do you offer expedited shipping? 

Some customers may be willing to wait, if they are going to save money on shipping (or not have to pay for it at all).

Do you currently provide tracking numbers to your customers? 

Customers want to know that their order has shipped and when they can expect delivery. 

If you do not providing tracking, you risk having an angry customer and potential loss of future business. 

Depending on your ship method, tracking may or may not be available. If you have tracking information how do you provide that to your customer? Is this process time consuming for you? 

What’s the solution? 

PSI is able to save you time and money by handling your fulfillment and shipping needs. 

Knowing that your orders are being processed quickly and affordably will provide you with peace of mind. It will also free up your time to concentrate on the growth of your business. 

Same Day Shipping

Orders are shipped the same day that we receive them.

Multiple Ship Methods and Discounted Rates

Take advantage of the vast array of carriers and ship methods that we have to offer…

Are you aware that there are carriers who provide guaranteed two-day shipping (within the US) at very affordable flat rates? 

We also offer discounted shipping rates so you will experience a cost savings (compared to standard carrier rates). 

Automated Order Processing 

PSI has the ability to integrate with most shopping cart platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, and more. 

We will download your orders and import into our system every day.
Once the orders have shipped, we can upload the tracking numbers directly to your site. This process will trigger a shipping confirmation email that will automatically be sent to your customer. 

Need more info?

Fulfillment and shipping can be complicated. However, a little knowledge can often yield huge returns. 

Our associates are available to discuss your current fulfillment processes.
They will guide you through the options, and assist in finding just the right solutions to save you money, improve efficiency, and keep your customers satisfied. 

Please contact us to consult with one of our associates.