Are CDs Dead?

You may be surprised to learn the answer

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It is no secret that streaming has seriously affected CD sales. However, recent data shows that the CD is still very popular, especially with hardcore music fans. The CD still reigns supreme as the most popular format for those who purchase full albums. These consumers want the experience of having the physical album along with the artwork and liner notes.

CDs are still very popular with Indie artists because musicians want something tangible to sell at their shows. Some artists may choose to sell vinyl but their first choice is a CD. The reason is that CDs are easier (and faster) to produce, cheaper to buy, and more profitable than vinyl. In addition, CDs are often sold at a price point that fans are willing to pay.

Another consideration is how the CD is being utilized…
Millions of CDs are used by industries where sales are not reported. These industries include software, marketing, educational and training organizations. Due to this, a lot more CDs are being manufactured than what is being reported to the public.

CDs are also very popular with ministries. Many churches release monthly offers to their parishioners. The larger churches often produce tens of thousands of discs each month.

Industry leaders predict that CDs will never go away. They will just evolve. Just like vinyl and audio cassettes have made a resurgence, consumers will start to yearn for the nostalgia of owning a CD. So don’t throw out that old CD player just yet!

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