Fulfillment Does Not Have To Be Difficult

At PSI we are always striving to provide our customers with better service and greater efficiency. 

One aspect that is important to all of our fulfillment customers is access to information regarding their orders. Having easy access to information, such as inventory levels and order tracking, allows them to better serve their customers. 

Another important aspect is simplicity. New technology and features do not help if the process of integrating with an eCommerce site is cumbersome and cost-prohibitive. 

To support our customers and provide the best service in the industry, we have made a major technology upgrade to our fulfillment system. This integration includes many powerful features that will increase efficiency when it comes to fulfilling orders. Features such as…automatic retrieval of orders for processing, automatic order status, and tracking uploaded to your eCommerce site. 

This new system will allow us to connect directly to many popular eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Amazon stores without the need for custom development, third-party apps, or plugins. We also have solutions for those who have custom-designed sites or require special workflows. 

In addition to the above features, our customers will have access to a new web portal. This upgraded portal will provide quick and easy access to many useful reports. Including…

  • Automated reorder point notifications
  • Current inventory status
  • Backorder / Held Order notifications and summaries
  • Order Tracking and inventory summaries/transaction reports
  • Order process and daily metrics

Also, PSI can provide customized reporting to customers that require more insight into the fulfillment of their orders and/or more integration with their systems.

This new system is being implemented in August and will be fully integrated by mid-September. We are looking forward to helping our customers gain more insight into the status of their orders. 

For more information on our new system and how you can partner with PSI, please email [email protected]