Kitting and Fulfillment with a 3PL – What you need to know

Are you paying too much for kitting and fulfillment in time or money? Here is a valuable piece of information that you may not know. Many 3PLs offer kitting services as a value-add service. You do not need to do it yourself or overpay for a manufacturer or other business to kit your products.  When done correctly through a 3PL, it can save you time and money, while providing the professional product that you want. 

One of the biggest advantages to outsourcing kitting and assembly to a 3PL is that you can have your products stored and fulfilled immediately. Once the end products are ready, they can be added to your active inventory immediately and ready to be shipped.

At PSI, our goal is to provide more than just order fulfillment. We have a wide range of kitting and assembly capabilities, including shrink-wrap, stickering and labeling services. In addition, we have the ability to provide custom packaging and printed materials for your kitting projects. That way, we can be a one stop shop, saving you time and money.

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